Sophie Boggis-Rolfe "Ophélie, Mémoire en Gris"
Sophie Boggis-Rolfe "Ophélie, Mémoire en Gris"

Sophie Boggis-Rolfe "Ophélie, Mémoire en Gris"

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Sophie Boggis-Rolfe "Ophélie, Mémoire en Gris" 2020

Textile Art: Brads, yarn, acrylic paint, nail varnish & chipboard
Dimensions: 16.9in x 13.4in x 1.2in, framed 18.5in x 14.6in x 2.4
Signed on Verso, Includes a Signed Certificate of Authenticity

UK based artist Sophie Boggis-Rolfe was born in London. Raised in a home where art was hanging from all the walls, she was strongly influenced by her aunt, an Old Masters artist, and her Great Grandmother, famous Grand Prix horse painter Juliet Mcleod. Still only self-taught, Boggis-Rolfe was offered an art scholarship at her school and frequently won the art competitions on offer. As a result, she was twice awarded a year's membership to the Royal Academy of Art. Initially working with a traditional style of realism, she then learnt a technique called ‘Encajar’ at Lavender Hill Art Studio, London, now London Fine Art Studios. Boggis-Rolfe then developed her signature style of painting with her monochromatic layering of white acrylic or oil paint onto a black surface, using light rather than shadow to create the form. Her work has since evolved and she has now mastered a method using yarn and pins or nails to depict a portrait or an image, which she entitles ‘Constellations’. Like her monochrome paintings, she mainly uses white or black backgrounds with black or white thread to bring highlights onto the surface. Boggis-Rolfe is also now working with different grey tone threads to create more depth and add layers to the artwork. She also uses these materials to create abstract and geometric forms in experimental installations.

She received a merit while completing an art foundation year at Blake College in London and took part in a final group exhibition at the Ply Gallery. While taking an online Open University course, Boggis-Rolfe completed a 2 1⁄2 month artist residency at the Caetani Cultural Centre in British Columbia, Canada, which resulted in two shared exhibitions at the center, and led to Boggis-Rolfe creating her biggest Constellation yet measuring over 7ft in height. She is now in her second year of a Bachelor of Fine Art in Drawing at the University of the Arts London Camberwell College of Arts. Boggis-Rolfe is also on an Erasmus exchange at the HDK-Valand University of Gothenburg, Sweden, where she has recently taken part in a group show "CAN WE TAKE THIS OFFLINE" at the former Swedbank.

Learn more about her artwork and exhibitions on our website.

This artwork is currently featured in The Untitled Space group show " UNRAVELED: Confronting The Fabric Of Fiber Art" On View at The Untitled Space from April 17 - May 28th, 2021. For more info visit:

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