Josh Universe "Bejeweled"

Josh Universe "Bejeweled"

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Josh Universe "Bejeweled" 2021

Painting, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions 50 x 54in 

Signed on recto, includes a certificate of authenticity.

Born and raised in the humble city of Mobile, Alabama, Josh Universe eventually realized he was different from his peers. From an early age, he noticed that he felt his emotions in a way that was different from many other kids, and they overwhelmed his heart and mind as quickly as he became aware of them. Universe took up drawing both to understand and release these emotions. Art soon became his safe haven and a tool that could be used to connect him with others. As his passion grew, Universe continued to refine his craft, realizing his talent could open the door to a better life for himself. In 2016, he decided to pursue a career path in art and began teaching himself oil painting. Upon earning his bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Universe turned his entire attention to his artistic career.

“Drawing became my first emotional outlet early. My therapeutic relationship with it formed the foundation of who I am as an artist and how I think about the work I make. With my art, I seek to understand the human experience in the world around us through a unique visual story… The otherworldly elements in my art are influenced by artists of the Romanticism movement and Japanese illustrators.”

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