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Isabel Beckenstein AKA The Love Whip "Maneater"

Isabel Beckenstein AKA The Love Whip "Maneater"

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Isabel Beckenstein AKA The Love Whip "Maneater" 2021

Sculpture: Wood, acrylic, and resin
Dimensions: 24 x 23 in
Signed on Verso, includes a certificate of authenticity.

Artwork currently featured in The INNOVATE Exhibition at The Untitled Space, on view from September 12 - October 2, 2021.

Isabel Beckenstein—who goes by the moniker, Love Whip— is a mixed media artist residing in New York City. Her artistic journey has been life long. First diving into paint and ink, she eventually moved onto sculptural art, exploring glass, clay, bronze, and resin. The Love Whip further showcases her art as a fire dancer that specializes in numerous props. Understanding multiple disciplines and mediums have been pivotal in pushing her artistic boundaries. Now 28 years old, she continues to advance her art by incorporating new mediums, techniques, and materials. After taking courses in figure drawing and painting in 2019, The Love Whip cultivated an interest in the human form. Her own journey of sexuality— once merged with her newly discovered love for figure drawing and painting— sparked the beginning of her current series. During the summer of 2020 she began utilizing wood and resin to bring her creations to life.

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