Fahren Feingold "MONOGRAM BUNNY"

Fahren Feingold "MONOGRAM BUNNY"

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Fahren Feingold "MONOGRAM BUNNY" 2021

Watercolor on Arches Paper, 15 x 11.5 in (unframed, framing upon request) 
Signed on Recto with Official Stamp, Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Artist Fahren Feingold’s (1980 - 2023) ethereal watercolors gained recognition from collectors and critics alike for their sensitive, dreamy colors, graceful brush strokes, and depiction of the female figure. With her palette of bright pastels and soft colors, she invited viewers to step inside her dreamlike world, giving new voices to women of the past and present while exploring larger notions of female constructs in contemporary society. Her artwork and exploration of the female form empowered many and served as a testament to the strength of her artistic vision. Her watercolors featuring bold feminine nudes referenced her own photographs as well as imagery from early 20th century French erotica, and vintage American magazines from the 70s and 80s. Celebrated as “a trailblazing artist on a meteoric rise” by Vogue, Feingold’s work was featured in many international publications that celebrated her visual aesthetic and captivating signature style. 

After earning her BFA between Parsons and Glasgow School of Art, she worked as a fashion designer for a number of top brands prior to dedicating her career to her passion for painting. In 2016, her artwork caught the eye of the legendary Nick Knight, who commissioned her for SHOWstudio, and the same year her work was featured at The Untitled Space in the group show “LIFEFORCE” curated by Kelsey and Remy Bennett. 

Represented by The Untitled Space since 2017, Feingold was featured in a number of exhibitions presented by the gallery including her solo shows “FAHREN FEINGOLD” (2017), “PEEP SHOW” (2018), “Golden Touch” (2018), “HIGH ON LIFE” (2021), “WET DREAMS” (2021), and “LIVING FOR LOVE” (2023). 

Other notable exhibitions included the gallery’s group shows “REBEL,” “INNOVATE,” “BODY BEAUTIFUL,” “IRL: Investigating Reality,” “ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE,” “SECRET GARDEN,” “UPRISE / ANGRY WOMEN,” SPRING/BREAK Art Show Special Projects “(Hotel) XX” and “EDEN,” “Moving Kate,” curated by Nick Knight for SHOWstudio in London and The Mass in Tokyo; “The Vulgar” at The Barbican in London, curated by Judith Clark and Adam Phillips; “Red Hot Wicked” at Studio C Gallery in Los Angeles, and “Les Femmes” at Tethy’s Art in Southampton, NY curated by Indira Cesarine. Her work was additionally featured in the Art4Equality x SaveArtSpace’s 2020 public art billboard exhibition throughout New York City, and at Sotheby’s “Take Home A Nude” supporting the New York Academy of Art. 

Feingold passed away at the young age of 43 after an accelerated battle with cancer. She leaves behind a legacy of creativity, innovation, and an enduring impact on the art world with her paintings emphasizing femininity. The Untitled Space gallery continues to represent the artist’s estate, with proceeds from future sales of her work to support some of the women’s charities she held dear, including feminist.org and equalitynow.org. 

“Opening my eyes to the beauty and love that exists within me and around, my paintings act as a quiet dagger of truth, exposing the beauty of the feminine form from the female gaze, emphasizing the female body as a great thing to behold, free of judgment and objectification. My paintings of the female figure expand the footprint of women painted by women, celebrating sisterhood and empowering female themes.”– Artist Fahren Feingold, from her artist statement for her last exhibition, “LIVING FOR LOVE,” (2023).

Learn more about her artwork and exhibitions on our website.

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