Sophia Oshodin "Safe Space"
Sophia Oshodin "Safe Space"

Sophia Oshodin "Safe Space"

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Sophia Oshodin "Safe Space" 2021

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: Artwork 30 x 24.02 in


Sophia Oshodin is a self-taught figurative painter based in London. She is known for visual storytelling centering around the spirit of everyday life using imaginary subjects. Her paintings are notable for their bold colors and patterns that engage the viewers to have their own interpretations. Sophia explores the artistic conventions and movements of daily life struggles and the complexities that humans experience using figuration storytelling with a gazing expression to highlight the absence of black figures in western art. Drawing inspiration from African arts, art history, fashion, politics, and everyday experience, she works predominantly in acrylic and oil. Sophia uses her practice to challenge the stereotypes drawn from personal experiences constructed by societal ideology and the media associated with the black community, Mental Health, and the complexity of navigating through everyday life. Sophia uses art to reflect representation in today's society. She often showcases the daily lives of her subjects in rich figurative paintings from the diaspora. Primarily women, with a particular interest in family connection, female representation, and empowerment. 

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