Rachel Van Der Nacht "WE ALL LOVE LOVE"
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Rachel Van Der Nacht "WE ALL LOVE LOVE"

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Rachel Van Der Nacht "WE ALL LOVE LOVE" 2018

Painting, Acrylic, posca, and ink on canvas
Dimensions: 40 x 40 in
Signed on Verso, includes certificate of authenticity.

Rachel van der Nacht is a French creative director and visual artist based in New York. She studied literature and philosophy in France and earned an MFA in “Design as an Entrepreneur/Author” at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. With her personal work, she explores contrast and harmonious discord, cognitive dissonance —think of it as happiness and sadness, humor and solemnity— this constant opposition is why her artwork offers a different angle on life, one that acknowledges both good and bad and twists them into a singular new sentiment ALTOGETHER. "I try to be real. It is such a subjective thing, but I try to convey an emotion. I am a fan of light and dark at the same time. The magic to me is when there are lots of things going on at the same time." Rachel’s art deals playfully and empathetically with themes humans connect to viscerally. This is why they resonate so deeply on a universal level. They’re a means of visual storytelling and depict the emotions, cultural challenges, and relationship journeys of people. Her own personal experiences are the catalysts behind all of her creations.

This artwork is currently featured in "Art4Equality x Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness" group exhibition at The Untitled Space.

For more information on the exhibition visit our website

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