Jose Baez "Liberty"
Jose Baez "Liberty"
Untitled Space

Jose Baez "Liberty"

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Jose Baez "Liberty" 2020

Mixed Media, Collage Mounted on Cardstock, Framed 
Dimensions: Artwork 12 x 16 in, Framed 16 x 20 in


Signed on Verso, includes certificate of authenticity.

Jose Baez is a mixed media visual artist from New York City. His creative process is rooted in repurposing and collaging paper into painting, drawing and mural work. He uses collage to physically distort and abstract found paper from its original form to create layers of color and texture. Working with materials like paper, cardboard, newsprint and photography he intends to display a level of accessibility to his work. "Growing up in a middle-class Puerto Rican family in the Bronx, fine art was a world away from me and I looked for my creative inspiration elsewhere. From a young age I found escapism through the things around me - video games, comic books, album covers, books and graffiti. My collage-based painting process allows me to transfer images, lift colors, chop up visuals and replicate textures, presenting new perspectives to familiar objects. Over the years this process of creation through deconstruction has informed all of my creative work from murals, installation and illustration. Living in a post-COVID New York makes collecting work from public space less of an option. Working without a studio, this body of work exclusively repurposed paper objects available to me during quarantine. The weekly New York Times in particular became a source for photography graphics and language to document the emotional experience of quarantine on a personal level."

This artwork is currently featured in "Art4Equality x Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness" group exhibition at The Untitled Space.

For more information on the exhibition visit our website

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