Joel Tretin "Bad Day 4 Democracy"
Joel Tretin "Bad Day 4 Democracy"
Untitled Space

Joel Tretin "Bad Day 4 Democracy"

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Joel Tretin "Bad Day 4 Democracy" 2020

Photography, Archival Ink on Paper, Framed 
Dimensions: Artwork 15 x 10 in, Framed 22 x 17 in 
Signed on Verso, includes certificate of authenticity.

Joel Tretin is a failed stand up comedian who put down the mic and picked up a camera. A curmudgeon on a good day, Joel sees himself as a Stranger in Paradox. He can't help stop making visual connections and juxtapositions that reveal his skewed vision. Joel delights in all the inconsistencies the world has to offer. We are living during a time when corporations want collaboration but not collaborators. Where smiles hide deceit, and those who see and say the truth are deemed as "negative" Each political party blames our differences on a polarized electorate, yet all their efforts is to exaggerate our differences. Tretin intends to create pictures that see past the nonsense, by using nonsense. Images that reveal what's happening with a bit of humor and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

This artwork is currently featured in "Art4Equality x Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness" group exhibition at The Untitled Space.

For more information on the exhibition visit our website

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