Eva Redamonti "Medieval Lands"

Eva Redamonti "Medieval Lands"

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Eva Redamonti "Medieval Lands" 2022

Painting: Graphite on Bristol Paper, Framed 
Dimensions 19 x 24in

Signed on Verso, includes a certificate of authenticity.

Eva Redamonti is an artist who depicts drawings that blend realism with fantasy through movement and detail. She works in multiple media forms such as ink on paper, digital, gouache, and acrylic. Through her drawings, Eva strives to convey the emotion and narrative around various topics like empowerment, mental illness, superstition, and futurism. Music has a great influence on her work. She has been playing music since she was ten and began writing her own music later on in her career. Born and raised in Connecticut, Eva went on to pursue music at Berklee College of Music in 2013. She lives and works as both an artist and musician in Brooklyn, NY.

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