Desdemona Dallas "The Ashes"
Desdemona Dallas "The Ashes"
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Desdemona Dallas "The Ashes"

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Desdemona Dallas "The Ashes" 2017

Photography, Archival Print 
Dimensions: 11 x 14 in (Limited Edition of 5), 20 x 24 in (Limited Edition of 5)
Signed on verso, includes certificate of authenticity

The first time Desdemona Dallas picked up a camera, she knew exactly the story she wanted to capture. It was 2011 and Occupy encampments had taken over city centers across the nation. Dallas’s first expressive love was the written language, but when she felt her words fell short in telling the story of Occupy, she moved to the next best tool of documentation: photography. Since then, Dallas has documented movements and counter cultures across the globe from the circus performers of Europe and neo-hippie dwellings in Central America to the protests at Standing Rock. Words and photographs continue to be the mediums through which Dallas tells the stories of those she encounters and the movements that inspire them.

"In the Trump era, my beliefs and hopes fell crumbling down around me, leaving me with little less than a shoestring of faith to hold on to. Through the lens of my camera, I have attempted to make sense of America's cultural upheaval. On my many ventures into the streets to document protests, I found that the American people will not cease to stand up for justice and a better future for the masses. Over this past year, my images have shone a light on the chaos of our society, as well as the hope that transcends the chaos."

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