Danielle Siegelbaum "Target 2"

Danielle Siegelbaum "Target 2"

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Danielle Siegelbaum "Target 2" 2009

Linocut Print on Paper
Dimensions: "Target 2" 2009 (Linocut 12 x 12 in, on paper 16.5 x 12 in with borders
Signed on recto, includes certificate of authenticity   

Danielle Siegelbaum was born and raised in Paris. She has been passionately painting from adolescence to the present. Working in textiles, paint, sculpture, mixed media and more, she aspires to create visionary works of art. In Paris, her work garnered commissions from high end fashion industry clients (including Ercea, Le Garage, Texunion, Daneil Hechter, Naf Naf, Boa and Couleu France) as well as clients in the magazine and publishing industry (Elle, Marie-Claire, Jeune et Jolie, Cosmopolitan, Hachette). For twenty years, Siegelbaum has been celebrated as a masterful and progressive contemporary artist. In 2007, she brought her paintings and sculptural works of art to New York City. She continues to create a dynamic offering of spectacular visions, bringing the viewer a feeling of a shared connective experience that excites. Recent exhibitions include ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE, SHE INSPIRES, and UPRISE/ANGRY WOMEN Exhibitions at The Untitled Space.

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