April Fitzpatrick "Behind the Flag"
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April Fitzpatrick "Behind the Flag"

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April Fitzpatrick "Behind the Flag" 2020

Mixed Media, Acrylic, Mixed Media on Wood
Dimensions 36 x 48 in, Unframed 


Signed on Verso, includes certificate of authenticity.

April Fitzpatrick is a visual artist, art therapist, registered mental health counselor intern, and founder and CEO of Pineapples with Purpose. Pineapples with Purpose reimagines how we address trauma and mental health in marginalized communities. Utilizing a pineapple’s own growth and journey as the guiding metaphor, she delivers high quality art workshops throughout communities that have limited to no art resources for addressing mental and emotional wellness. She targets youth and young adults with a specific attention to women and children. April holds a B.A. in Psychology from Tougaloo College, a M.S. in Art Therapy from Florida State University, and is a gallery recognized self-taught visual artist. 

Fitzpatrick’s art practice uses a root cause analysis and cultural lens to develop ideas for hope and transformation taking a critical view of one’s Lebenswelt (life-world) impacted by direct and indirect societal ills of trauma, poverty, and racism. This practice is informed by her professional experience of working with survivors of poverty and racism, women and girls with maladaptive coping behaviors, survivors of traumatic brain injury, intellectual and emotional challenged, and individuals living in residential facilities. Her understanding of art therapy comes from Black psychology, the Harlem Renaissance, and the Black Arts Movement, which emphasize community, cultural pride, and consciousness. She has been researching the impact of systemic oppression on an individual’s mental and emotional well-being since 2009 to address problems of inequity and injustice. Fitzpatrick’s most recent project The Pineapple Metaphor: Expanding the Narrative was invited by the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical Institute to host a solo exhibit and offer art therapy workshops to the community.

Fitzpatrick has landed work in FSU’s Honors, Scholars, and Fellows House Galleries, Tallahassee City Hall Gallery, FSU Museum of Fine Art, Florida Capitol 22nd Floor Gallery, and FAMU’s Foster Tanners Art Gallery, and Gadsden Arts Center and Museum. While planting seeds in the art community, she continues to build her art therapy and mental health experience by working as an art facilitator, teaching artist, and art therapist providing expertise to organizations like The Brain Injury Association of Florida’s Camp TBi, Arts4All Florida, Tallahassee Community Healing Days, Palmer Munroe Teen Center, Girls2Diva, and Tallahassee Community College. Harnessing her knowledge and skills in creative execution, relationship building, and innovation, April reimagines symbolism as a metaphorical tool and preventative measure to help youth and their communities digest adverse experiences through art. Most recently, April was hired as the first Black female art therapist to develop an art therapy program for the Apalachee Center in Tallahassee, FL.

This artwork is currently featured in "Art4Equality x Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness" group exhibition at The Untitled Space.

For more information on the exhibition visit our website

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