Marie Wengler "Mary"

Marie Wengler "Mary"

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Marie Wengler "Mary" 2022

Photography on Aluminum
Dimensions: 24in x 24 in
Unique, Limited edition of 3
Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Marie Wengler, born in 1992, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is currently doing a Ph.D. in the cross-field of behavioral psychology and gender studies alongside her artistic practice as a conceptual photographer, where she examines the limits of “normality” in society from a female gaze. Her artistic and research practices are thus profoundly intertwined. In 2022, Wengler was selected as one of the 30 Under 30 Women Photographers to Watch by ARTPIL and was shortlisted for the IWPA Award. Moreover, several of her pieces have been acquired for the permanent collection at the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (KMoPA) in Japan and are currently on view at YP2022.

“In the series ‘MARY’(2022), I examine how stereotypical gender role expectations continue to limit women’s opportunities and agency in society. The name of the series, ‘MARY,’ is deliberately two-sided: It refers to the origin of my own name as I use my body as a performative material in the series, and it refers to the one and only Mary, a religious symbol of eternal purity, innocence, youth, submission, and chastity. This is a symbol that encapsulates gender preconceptions that, to this day, still restrict women. In applying transparent plastic to my naked body, I re-interpret the traditional Madonna fresco with a material often associated with suffocation to critically question how we perceive and define the ‘ideal’ woman in today's society.”

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