Georgina Billington "The Harlequin"
Georgina Billington "The Harlequin"

Georgina Billington "The Harlequin"

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Georgina Billington  "The Harlequin" 2021 

Photography, Framed
Dimensions 20 x 30in 
Limited Edition of 10
Signed on recto, includes a certificate of authenticity.

Georgina Billington is an Australian artist and photographer based in New York City. Georgina infuses high fashion, beauty, and various artistic influences to create makeup and body paint imagery that exudes a sense of fantasy.  A professional makeup and body paint artist to the stars, Billington’s latest endeavor is a fine art series of photographs featuring subjects adorned in body paint. Billington has exhibited at prestigious galleries all over New York, including the Mark Borghi gallery in The Hamptons and Robert Miller Gallery in Chelsea.  

“This series is an accumulation of life experiences; the full circle effect of everything coming together and my first solo series. It’s a blend of beauty, fashion, portraiture, art, photography, and the human body. The process involves hours of painting on a human body that then breathes life into the final images caught on camera. Weeks of preparation go into creating one image, only to be washed away minutes later.”

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