Cole Witter "Found a Devil in Me"
Cole Witter "Found a Devil in Me"

Cole Witter "Found a Devil in Me"

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Cole Witter "Found a Devil in Me" 2019 

Photography, Archival Ink Print, Framed
Dimensions 16 x 20in 
Limited Edition of 10
Signed on Verso, includes a certificate of authenticity.

Cole Witter, born in 1992, is a photographer and interdisciplinary artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Minnesota, Witter received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin in 2015, where his study of Theatre Performance evolved into the photographic study of self-portraiture. Witter’s work explores themes of spirituality, duality, and the power of self-transformation. Most recently, their debut solo exhibition “IN hIS IMAGE” premiered in Brooklyn in November 2021 at Taaffe Gallery. With a series of 15 haunting photographs, Witter highlights a desire for all to embrace their divine Queerness. Self-portraits from the exhibition were featured in “Our Light Through Darkness,” published by IMPULSE NYC. Further notable publishing includes Vogue and Garage Magazine.

“In my debut solo exhibition “IN hIS IMAGE,” I illuminate the psychological and spiritual effects of Christian conversion therapy practices aimed to change my sexual orientation. I use my body in a ritual of self-liberation to conjure and transform into the very fear instilled by the church, reclaiming my mind, spirit, and flesh. Incorporating thin layers of polyethylene, I obscure, abstract, and consider transparency as both material and concept, a veil between desire and repression, heaven and hell.”

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