Anja Diabaté "Metamorphosis I"

Anja Diabaté "Metamorphosis I"

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Anja Diabaté "Metamorphosis I" 2022 

Photography on Aluminum
Dimensions 22 x 16in 
Limited Edition of 30 
Includes Signed Certificate of Authenticity

Anja Diabaté is an artist based in Hamburg, Germany who uses photography to transform her ambitious ideas into unique works of art. Her creativity manifests in soulful photographs that tell unique stories of strength and power, and each work aims to inspire deep reflection in its viewers. Diabaté’s process involves taking a single photograph and expanding it into a series that maintains the concept and essence of the original, encouraging viewers to interpret a story within each one. In her self-portraits that call attention to their ornate makeup and face paint, Diabaté assumes the role of both model and photographer. They are the highest representation of the artist herself, reflecting her desire to fully dive into her creative impulses, maintain her originality, and acknowledge the joy in her artistic process. 

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