Andrew Soria "Gucci - Beverly Row"

Andrew Soria "Gucci - Beverly Row"

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Andrew Soria "Gucci - Beverly Row" 2022 

Photography,  Aluminum Print (glossy finish)
Dimensions 24 x 24in 
Limited Edition of 8 
Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Andrew Soria is a digital artist and photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from South Florida, he draws inspiration from the vibrant culture of the city, focusing his work on architecture that is colorful and uncommon. His surrealist cityscapes, which are composed of his own photography, strive to capture the spirit of a city. Soria’s work has been exhibited in Miami, Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, and San Francisco. Publications that have featured Soria’s work include Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, Plastik, and more.

“My work examines the intersection of culture, time, and habitat through depictions of urban environments. My art captures architecture, landmarks, and cultural elements recognizable to unique communities and neighborhoods. ‘Beverly Row’ is a series of photo illustrations that showcases the vibrancy of the culture with a stark lens on our humanity. The pieces weave together themes of luxury, wealth, and most prominently, the growing issue of homelessness in cities like Los Angeles. The composition of images from Beverly Hills and Skid Row, which are known to be inhabited by people on opposite ends of the class spectrum, is a juxtaposition of imagery that is a provocative look at the conditions of wealth and inequity in modern cities. The thought and discourse that art inspires can facilitate change and the determination to create a better future.”

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