Alyssa Iferenta "Weeds"

Alyssa Iferenta "Weeds"

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Alyssa Iferenta "Weeds" 2021 

Photography on Aluminum
Dimensions 18 x 24in 
Limited Edition of 25
Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Alyssa Iferenta is a naturalistic portraiture artist who splits her time between Boston, MA, and Nassau, The Bahamas. She began her artistic career in 2020 with the “Statement of Nature” series, which explores womanhood as a Black Bahamian and the ways in which it intersects with nature. Iferenta was selected as an influencer in the Uno Pick 4 Challenge in 2020. In 2021, Iferenta was featured on the cover of Culture Icon Magazine, which champions Black creatives, and Create! Magazine.

“‘Weeds’ explores the process of perspective in identity formation. Whiteness attempts to subvert the value of all other expressions of humanity by dictating the value systems that condition our consciousness. However, given an alternative ethos, our self-perceptions can be dramatically different. Weeds themselves are colloquially a matter of perspective as we search for beauty or utility through the lens of Eurocentrism. Employing a different frame of reference, the weed is viewed and valued as a rose and vice versa. Societal perceptions of beauty detain us within subjective aesthetics purported as absolutes.”

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