3834 "The 11th Law of Power"

3834 "The 11th Law of Power"

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3834 "The 11th Law of Power" 2022

Sculpture: Stainless steel, aluminum, and hair curlers
Artwork Dimensions: 11.4in x 7.2in x 3.3 in
Includes Signed Certificate of Authenticity

Hebe Riches-Wohlrab, who goes by the numerical alias 3834, is a conceptual multimedia artist born in London and raised in Kent and Gibraltar. Upon returning to London at the age of 17, 3834 was navigating a tumultuous relationship with their physicality. Feeling limited by their own physical form, the artist broke free from traditional, unwanted ideologies by undergoing various body modifications that, to an extent, yielded the results they had always dreamed of. They began to question the motivations behind their need to transform as they began their artistic career as a painter while completing a Fine Art GCSE at Eastbourne College, an A-level in Fine Art at Collingham College, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at Camberwell College. 3834 now creates digital art, sculptures, and consumer products that incorporate all artistic mediums. Their work examines the line between empowerment and disempowerment, investigating the ways one can overcome the oppressions of a patriarchal society, as well as the extent to which our reliance on objects and appearance defines the self. The artist identifies gendered symbols of power, reworking them into new, feminine forms and conceptualizing products that mimic stereotypical reflections of worth with highly kitschy elements. Placing an intense focus on experimenting with contradicting materials, styles, and objectives, their work challenges the boundaries of acceptability and unacceptability, exploring the social and psychological meanings of these boundaries. 

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