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The Untitled Space is pleased to present “HIGH ON LIFE” an online solo exhibition of watercolors and limited-edition wearable art by artist Fahren Feingold. Inspired by nature, and the self-healing properties of mother earth, the series will launch on April 27th.

Artist Fahren Feingold shares the inspiration for her latest collection stating, “High on Life is about reconnecting with myself and what brings me pure happiness. trying to find moments of clarity and sanctuary in the dark and isolated days of the pandemic through nature, solitude, and deeper self-connections. Under the shadow of the pandemic, I began to paint the beauty that exists around me. I sought to reconnect with the teachings of shamanic women and plant healers, who were and still are, shamed for their magical work with plants and energy healing. Invoking their companionship in my solitude I let their teaching and guidance heal me. I began to explore and appreciate the figurative forms found in nature and relative themes on my mind during this time. 

Touted as “a trailblazing artist on a meteoric rise” by Vogue Arabia, Fahren Feingold’s watercolors have steadily gained recognition from collectors and critics alike for their sensitive, dreamlike colors, graceful brush stokes and rendition of the female nude. Vice Creators praised her work, stating, “Feingold's watercolors appear to swim on paper. Her figures bloom and radiate with ethereal energy, and the occasional splash of bright colors imbues them with life.” Forbes declared in an interview with the artist, “She's all about girl power. Feingold wants to empower and question wider issues, such as female constructs within the contemporary landscape.“ V Magazine noted her as a “particular standout” while the Huffington Post said, “Fahren Feingold captures the space where the ethereal meets the erotic…Her artwork is an attempt to undo the centuries of censorship, shaming and patriarchal politics that clouds the simple beauty of a naked body.” Feingold gives new voices to women of the past and present while exploring larger notions of female constructs in contemporary society. Her palette of bright pastels and soft colors invites the viewer to step inside her dreamlike world.