Faustine Badrichani "Reflection"

Faustine Badrichani "Reflection"

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Faustine Badrichani "Reflection" 2022

Painting: Oil Painting on Wood Panel
Dimensions: Artwork 16 x 20 in
Signed on Verso,
Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Faustine Badrichani is a French artist based in New York. Her work focuses on the female body and is an exploration of femininity, showcasing colorful women's silhouettes. Over the past ten years, Badrichani with the exploratory mind characteristic of self-taught artists has developed an extensive artistic practice, from oil paintings to sculpture (direct plaster), and focused on works on paper and acrylic paintings.

Faustine works from life and invites models to pose in her New York Studio. “For me, painting women is a play between what is universal and what is intimate, and this exploration is endless”. The female body has always been a central figure in her practice, and she has developed different series of works around this theme. Creating her own graphic universe and showcasing a unique use of the color blue throughout her work. Faustine Badrichani is represented in France by Esther et Paul gallery. In June 2021 she had a solo show in Paris, named “D’abord la Mer”. Her work can be seen at group shows in New York with various galleries/curators such as Insight Art Space, Untitled Art Space, Brooklyn Collective. As well as in multiple exclusive and curated only platforms such as Artsy, Saatchi, and ArtinRes.


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